Fiction Friday: Depths of War - Part Two

Last week I introduced you to Maran and Divvy. Today their adventures continue... and the war begins.

Depths of War - Part Two

Together the Sena ascended from the abyss, their long white tresses flowing behind them as they rose to the upper edge of their territory. Reaching the twilight zone, the warriors split into six groups of three before rising up into the storm rattled sea. Varun and his Satah, the surface dwellers, would be escaping the dangerous waters of the sunlight zone and seeking safety in the upper reaches of the twilight zone. But safety would not be what they found. 
 Maran, teamed with Proneetha and Kallol, slipped silently through turbulent waters and into Kshithij. Spotting movement ahead, Maran halted her group. A small band of surface dwellers swam several strokes ahead of them in the direction of a sea cave. Knowing they needed to attack before they reached the safety of the cave, Maran signaled Proneetha. 
 Closing her eyes to hide their orange glow, Proneetha thrust her tentacles behind her and shot across the water. She closed the distance between herself and the surface dwellers almost instantly. Opening both her eyes and her tentacles as she met the group, the first wave of the Sena’s attack had begun. Several of the Surfies felt the whip of her appendages, while others froze in terror at her sudden appearance. 
 Kallol flashed Maran a razor sharp smile and she nudged her head toward the Surfies. His smile turned smirk, and one white eyebrow rose with pleasure before he whipped around, giving chase to those who had begun to recover from the shock of Proneetha’s attack. Maran watched him flip through the water, his spiked tail ripping into sun-darkened skin of the Surfies. 
 Spotting a trio of Surfies racing up toward the sunlight zone, Maran’s silver eyes narrowed with anticipation. Her strong tail propelled her upward at twice the rate the surface dwellers swam. All those times in the depths, swirling her tail about, creating bubble patterns had not been to chase away the boredom. She raced through the water breaking the surface long before the Surfies. 
Turning her face toward the flashing lightning above, Maran closed her silver eyes for just a moment and enjoyed the feeling of the wind whipping her barbel about her face. 
 Light was fading faster now. Only a small patch of the sky above reflected a hint of the sun hiding high above the clouds. Divvy shuddered as she glared up at the darkness moving in. Her scalp tingled as she felt the electric charge of the tempest rise. There was a mere second between the roaring crack of thunder and the following glare of lightning rippling through the midnight blue sky. The worst of the storm was nearly upon them. 
 Lowering her tail into the sea, Divvy prepared to concede to Varun's orders to evacuate to the sea caves. Teertha, who had clung to the rocky edge of the islet refusing to leave without her, raised her chin and smiled. She was considering splashing the smile off the brat's face when another lightning flash lit both sea and sky. Something in the water further down the islet caught her eye. 
"Look there," she said quietly to the twins, pointing in the direction of whatever she had seen. 
"At what?" they asked in unison. 
 "Just wait," Divvy hissed, hoping for another flash of light. She was not disapointed as the storm was fully raging now. Thunder cracked, lightning streaked, and out in the water a figure was illuminated. Long white tresses flew wildly in the wind. The next blooming flare revealed skin so pale it seemed to have light of its own. Her eyes and brain so fully focused on the image now, she no longer needed the brilliance of the lightning flashes to see the figure riding the waves. 
 "What is it," whispered Teertha, now clinging to Divvy's tail. Even Ashneer swam in closer to her. 
 "I don't kn..." she started, but the figure turned its head and she saw the glow of silver eyes. She slid quickly into the water, pulling the twins down with her. The water muffled the sound of the thunder but it was replaced by the rapid beat of her heart. 
 "Swim as quickly as you can away from here," she told the two merchildren. "Find Varun and tell him the Ghaharaee have surfaced." Divvy hated the idea of sending the children alone, but she knew they could swim far faster than she could and the warning needed to arrive swiftly. They stared at her with trembling lips, faces ashen, but for only a brief moment. Then Teertha furrowed her brow and giving a curt nod, she grabbed her brother's hand and the pair swam rapidly away in a blur of pink and blue fins. 
 Looking back to the figure in the water, she saw that it was no longer alone.