Fiction Friday: Depths of War - Part Eight

When his parents were murdered, Varun inherited two new roles; Lord of the Sea and guardian to his twin siblings Teertha and Ashneer. His worthiness of both roles is now being tested in the depths of war.

Depths of War - Part 8

Heart pounding, Varun raced from cave to cave, praying to the heavens he would find the twins in one of them. Battles with the Sena still raged, but as the light returned and the storm waned, the tides had turned in the favor of the Satah.

Approaching another cave, he spotted two of the Gaharaee's warriors lying in wait outside. If the mermaids inside tried to leave they would be ambushed. Varun fought the raging desire to rush at them. Instead he dove.

In position below the first of the two Sena, he used his ability to manipulate the water around him. Rising quickly and silently behind the creature, he drove his swordfish dagger up and under its ribs, burying the weapon to the hilt. The second Sena, now aware of his presence lunged through the water at him. Clawed hands reached for the sea lord, but his own hand was faster. The curved blade of his shark tooth sword swept through the manipulated water. The sharp tips of the shark teeth sawed across the monster's throat, nearly severing head from shoulders.

Entering the cave, his eyes darted from one huddled form to the next. His sights landed on his brother just as the boy called out to him. "Varun!"

Swimming quickly to Ashneer, he pulled him close in a tight embrace. Burying his face in the boy's short, blonde curls Varun breathed a sigh of relief. His brother's hiccuping cry sent a sudden shudder through him. Pulling away Ashneer looked up at him with red-rimmed aqua green eyes. There was none of the usual cockiness in the boy's face. Instead the child looked up at him with a trembling lip puckering out. A jolt like lightning tore down Varun's spine and his eyes began to once again dart from face to face. "Where is Teertha?" he demanded.

"We nearly swam into a trap," Ashneer cried. "The Sena. They had a net strung near one of the caves. Teertha saw it just in time. She pushed me one way and she swam the other. We got separated Varun." At that the boy broke down in a flood of tears. "I don't know where my sister is," he cried in broken sobs.

Varun hugged his brother to him, "I will find her Ash."

After ascertaining the location of the trap where the boy had last seen his twin, he handed him over to one of the mermaids sheltering in the cave. "Do not let him leave," he ordered.