Fiction Friday: Depths of War...

I want to say a HUGE thank you to those who dove into Depths of War with me this summer. I hope you enjoyed the story. Divvy, Maran, and Varun mean a great deal to me. Their story is etched in my heart forever.

And although this summer's serial release of Depths of War is done, the story is far from over. What I have shared with you here is just the opening act. The rest of the tale has yet to be told and my dear merfolk are giving me whispers of love, betrayal, war, redemption, and as always... hope. 

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But for now, the story is to be continued...

**Fiction Friday posts will continue with new adventures featuring some flash fiction. Be sure to check in and share links to your own works of fiction in the comments. (please only link to works you have posted online or that you are offering for free)