I've been terribly quiet here this past month. Actually, I have been terribly quiet on all forms of social media. As a homeschooling parent, it is a busy time of year as I decide on curriculum, put together study units, and attempt to ease both myself and the boy back into work/school mode. At least we avoided falling into the addictive trap of a certain video game that much of the world's youth fell into over the summer.

On top of being busy with the whole homeschooling parent gig, I've also been busy in my writing career. I am on track to complete Prophecy of Peace by the end of the year. That unfortunately meant taking time away from social media and connecting with those who are following and supporting me on this journey to focus on writing, but it was necessary. I hope to get back to some sort of regular updates here and elsewhere.

For now I wanted to pop in and say that my focus on writing has paid off in another BIG way. My short story, Amautalik and the Wolf was accepted for publication in Balance of Seven's winter anthology Winter Whimsey: A Charming Collection of Child-Like Curiosity. (insert my wild scream of excitement here!)

November is going to be Awesome!!!