Fiction Friday: Mythos in America

I am mulling over the idea of writing a series called, Mythos in America. It would be flash fiction pieces that all tie in together within an urban fantasy setting. My short story, A Satyr's Lament falls into this world.

The premise:
100 years ago humans learned they were not alone in the world. Living among them were the Mythos, a variety of mythological beings. At first only those who could easily be disguised as human lived on Earth, and had for centuries. It wasn't until the first Mythos who was unable to blend in arrived in our world that people learned of their existence.
Life among humans was not always easy for these mythological beings. Fear of the unknown caused a harsh and dramatic reaction. Eventually a sort of peace came between the humans and the Mythos, but there are still those who want them regulated or even banished from the Earth.

My stories:
The first look into Mythos in America is available in my short story, A Satyr's Lament, which was published in the anthology Eclectically Magical by Inklings Publishing. 
Within that story you will find the mention of three furies. (A fury is a female deity of vengeance, they are sometimes referred to as infernal goddesses.) My first Mythos in America post here on my site will be an introduction to the three furies mentioned in A Satyr's Lament.

So be sure to come back next Friday (or hit the subscribe button to get posts in your inbox) and catch the first installment of Mythos in America.