I Shall Ascend

     I, like many others, start each year off with a word for the year. Choosing a word, rather than making a resolution, places less pressure on me to work hard and fast to accomplish one, highly defined goal. Instead, I have the entire year to work towards a broad end goal, with small steps along the way.

     I am definitely one of those people who need to break down any goal, or project, into smaller, easier to manage steps. Anxiety plus pressure equals an unhappy, and mentally compromised, version of myself.

     In 2017 I chose the word Control. That year, throughout the entire 365 days, I took control of areas of my life that I felt I had lost my power over. One of those was my weight. I lost 15 pounds in 2017. It may not sound like much, but having a rough idea of wanting to lose 20 pounds, it was excellent. I was living in a situation at that time that I felt like I had no control over, having moved to a state I had never even visited for my husband's job. The city (and his job) were not at all what I had expected, and living there caused me to fall into depression. So, in July of 2017, I made the decision to move my son and I to Florida. Despite living away from my husband - it wasn't the first time, so it was not an unusual thing for us - I was much happier, and so was our son. We did eventually all reunite as a family, back home in Kansas, near the end of the year. Taking control of where and how I lived was huge for me. Also in July of 2017, I made the decision to sign up for a writing program titled Fiction Expedition. That one step led to big things for me as I chose to take control over my career path and focus on truly being a writer.

     In 2018 I chose the word Write. And write I did. That was the year I became a published author, with two stories being published in two separate anthologies. I made major progress on my novel, Prophecy of Peace, and on a new story that popped into my head, Depths of War.

     2019 my word was simply, Survive. I did more than survive though. I made drastic changes in my life, and I began to thrive. Which leads us to 2020.

     My word for this year is Ascend. Like all other words I've chosen, there is no one goal. Intstead I plan to work towards ascending in all areas of my life. I will ascend toward greater accomplishments as an author. I will ascend toward a more rewarding, fulfilling, and lucrative day job. I will ascend to a better life, lifestyle, and a greater view of myself. This is my year. In 2020 I shall ASCEND!